Saturday, April 7, 2007


hello FRIENDS!
just a quick note to say that internet is thin on the ground (to use the Rough Guides favorite phrase)

we have been to putj, slovenia
stanjel, slovenia
a hideous nite in sezana slovenia
and are now in beautiful labran, croatia, pretending we are glamorous vacationers from the austrian jet set circa 1919.
will post more later!

thanks for your well wishes and happy trails!


Kristin said...

pictures! more pictures! more words from the kids! these are the internet demands I make as I sit in boring Westchester County. 13 days till we're in Mahajual, Mexico, exotic, but not as much as where your clan is.

Anonymous said...

Tell Greg I had two dreams about him. In a row.

Hope you guys are having a great time!

Borracho y loco en Madrid -

Mike (Ahn)

Anonymous said...

Hey,nice blog, it's interesting.hope yer doin' fine.

Jersey Guy said...

I'm glad to see you're still alive and well. I was gettting concerned by the lack of posts. Please relate the tale of the "hideous night." Were vampires involved?

allisyn said...

*Wow, guys! It is so cool to get a sneak peek of your adventures. India, it has been a cold vacation in NY! It even snowed a little bit yesterday. One more day off before we go back to school. We'll write to you together on Wednesday. Have fun!


Inky and Milo said...

hey everybody
it's Ayun, not India, writing from Trogir, Croatia.
I've posted a few photos.
I'll tell Greg he's in your dreams, Michael.
and jersey guy, no vampires, but improportionate expense, lingering ashtray smell, and bad moods all around. this place, the Hotel Tabor, in Sezana, Slovenia, was almost worth it for its glitzy, post-Communist brochure. I link to it in the long post above, entitled a lazy day in Trogir, Croatia...