Saturday, April 7, 2007


hello FRIENDS!
just a quick note to say that internet is thin on the ground (to use the Rough Guides favorite phrase)

we have been to putj, slovenia
stanjel, slovenia
a hideous nite in sezana slovenia
and are now in beautiful labran, croatia, pretending we are glamorous vacationers from the austrian jet set circa 1919.
will post more later!

thanks for your well wishes and happy trails!

Monday, April 2, 2007

The beautiful Danube...

...mostly blocked by the trolley that runs along it. Here's Inky, biding her time while her brother is taken on an emergency bathroom run to one of the hotels facing the Buda side.

(Greg says the residents of the "Buda" side are known for their inner calm and tranquility.)

Milo gets his dream seat

Here Milo achieves his goal of sitting in the backwards seat over the wheel in the bus that takes us from Sam and Beth's house to Moskvater, from whence we catch the subway or go to Mamut market for sausages and beer.

Statue Park

Just outside of Budapest is the statue park, where all the big boys of the Communist era are lined up in a field, attended by forget-me-nots and the windows of suburban homeowners.

The gift shop sells candles shaped like Stalin's head.

Visograd Castle, Hungary

King Cousin Ben has welcomed the American sovereigns into his court, but mind the evil prime minister. I think his intentions run afoul of the children's reign.

Other activities include shooting crossbows & arrows, running around turrets, eating ice cream, photographing wax dummies, and bobsledding down a nearby hill.