Wednesday, April 11, 2007

India addresses her classmates

Okay jack. notes on sweets. Ice cream!! And the ice cream here is much better then New York ice cream. here are some flavors.

ice cream flavors
cookie dogh

and more!

Daisy. I have not seen any dances yet.

Mo. I've seen many little lizards, but no clue of flying monkeys!

now, to all. Most of you want me to bring back some food for you to try out.
a terrific market is near my apartment (I've only stayed in one hotel. the room was terrible. (Milo ended up sleeping in a crib, with ABC sheets.) but the food was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
Hear is what I had for breakfast: a chocolate cresant, two buns, buttered and also had chocolate, pudding, warm milk, orange juice and toast.
have to go back now.


Karianne said...

I'm glad that you have found some food that you like to eat. I know that your mom was wondering about that! Looks like you all are having so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey India! We just had a lot of fun catching up with your blog! We are SOOO jealous! We are eating a boring old snack on a boring old rainy school day in boring old NY. In the boring old US of A. But we're still having fun and we miss you all the time.

Keep writing!


Notes from your classmates:

Do they have any places like Chuckie Cheese?


Did you happen to find any coconuts yet?


I hope you are having a wonderful time and when you come back, could you tell us more about your adventures?


How was it to bungee jump {is that what you were doing!?}? How did it feel?


Did you find any snakes?


India, I hope you're having a wonderful time over there! When you come back, I'd like to know if they speak English there.


Did anyone mistake you for a native?!


I hope you're having a wonderful time and I'd like to tell you something! My best friend's grandparents come from Croatia. I wonder how the fencing over there is. It's supposed to be better than NY!


I'm wondering what some of the other flavors of ice cream are. Thanks for the update on the sweets! Sounds sweet!


I like your photos and I hope you have a great trip.


What is the money like there?


Did you explore or find new things? What is your best discovery?


When you come back, please tell us what you did most of all in the Balkans. I miss you!


Abby said...

the desert sounds very yummy!

Sean said...

Hello India and Milo.

New York is boring without you. We're all crying, wishing we were with you.

Kazu wants Milo to know that he misses him.

Greg...I have noone to talk obsessivly on the phone about politics with. Much has happened. White House email scandal, Wolfowitz at the World Bank getting in trouble for favoritism...oh GOD, IT'S ALL BOTTLED UP IN MY MIND.

Great posts. Please write "Kilroy was here" for me.