Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Look at all this junk!

We're hemorrhaging money and we haven't even left New York yet!

Look at all them fruit leathers!

Hope our cheapo matchy-matchy luggage from Target holds up.

Wait, I'm supposed to be packing now.

But how can I pack if I haven't done laundry?

And let's not forget that the kids get dismissed at noon today.

(And Greg's in Pittsburgh until the day before we leave!)


m said...

I'll be living vicariously through you all! My husband's family hails from Croatia, but we have yet to go together- since our baby is just beginning to morph into a toddler, I think we'll be holding off on overseas travel for a while!- Will you be going to Split or Zagreb? Check out the Ivan Mestrovic musuems (sp?) in both locations. Mestrovic was my husbands great grandfather. The musuem in Split is definitely worthy of a fairy tale I've been told. If you go, please post a picture for me. Have a wonderful adventure!

Marissa said...

bon voyage! i don't know how long you will be in budapest, but as a loyal reader of EVI and recent visitor to hungary, i feel the need to share some of my favorite spots:

red bus hostel was cheap, no frills, and not sketchy. i stayed at the one on semmelweis utca: http://www.redbusbudapest.hu/

terror haza is a museum dedicated to the memory of victims of nazi and communist occupation of hungary. it's housed in the former headquarters of both groups. not a lighthearted experience, but i was struck by how beautifully designed all of the exhibits were: http://www.terrorhaza.hu/index2.html

Pálvölgyi cave: really fun. some ladders to climb, kids would totally dig it. i made my friends go on my birthday.

marquis de salade: azerbaijani/hungarian food, lots of veggie options. the dining room is cavelike & below street level.

Central Market Hall (Nagy Vasarcsarnok): food on the lower floor, handcrafts/souvenirs on the top. loads of paprika. do not miss the langos (fried dough) on floor 2!

marissa (formerly of red-hooded sweatshirt zine)

Brandon said...

You're insane. But I knew that.

Ayun Halliday said...

thank you for these great suggestions and of course, the psychiatric reevaluation.

I don't know if Split or Zagreb is on the menu - maybe both! but I wil try to check out great grandpa's museum.

And Marissa, we should be at least a week in budapest as Greg's brother lives there.

Hey, i just saw your mailing label on the new East Village Inky!

angela said...

Howdy Miss Ayunie
well dang-nation - Budapest!!?? have a wonderful time. We took miss B to Ireland this summer & found it a completely different experience than travelling as a free wheeling couple (go figure!) B felt claustrophobic in the tiny Irish streets & needed some daily park time, but also enjoyed 2 showings of Twelfth Night in the park. We had to adjust to the fact we couldn't just motor on where-ever - but she did love the whole thing & the ruins & bogs etc. I hope your travel time is similarily fun fun fun
yer pal
PS Milo - I like your new do!

Karen said...

Hey India that is a great photo of Milo. I get the sense of the way he hurtles himself pellmell down the street to aikido. Nice shot.
I Can't wait to see the pictues you take on your trip. I'll be watching for them--from both of you!

love karen