Friday, March 23, 2007

Practice Picture

this picture, I took while practicing with my digetal camra. Milo and I where walking to our marchial arts' class, and I managed to take a snap-shot photo of him running as I walked behind him, but it was tricky to do!



~Kat~ said...

Action shots are a whole lotta fun :) I take lots of them of my kids jumping around, try a jump shot off the couch or bed! (ask your mama's permission first though ;) )

allisyn said...

Good luck on your trip! Stay safe in the Balkans.


How long will the plane ride take?


Could you tell us about some new and different animals that you see up close or in the wild? Have a great vacation!


Can you tell us about how life is different and how it's the same compared to NY? Have a good vacation.


I hope you have an awesome vacation! Please bring us some dessert back!


I hope you have a great time. We'd love it if you bring some souveneirs back.


Where will you be staying when you're in the Balkans? I hope you have a good trip and a great time!


I hope you have a great time! If there's anything related to Jolly Ranchers, bring it over, please!


What language do they speak? Do you know how to speak that language? I want you to have a wonderful vacation and bring back some mangoes!


Please bring back some Italian candies that I can sample. Hope you have a good trip.


Will you see a flying monkey?


I hope you have a good trip. Can you email us what the weather is like there?


You are going somewhere around Hungary, right? Will there be Hungarian dances? I know some!


Will anyone think you are a foreigner? I hope you have a fantabulous vacation!


Don't forget to bring home coconuts! I hope you have a happy vacation.


The Whole Self said...

great shot! i love the red boots in the air!

jenijen said...

That is a GREAT photo!

daisy said...

Hi india and everybody i hope your having the greatest time in your life!

love daisy, sara, georgia, and sean