Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mostar Photos

Mostar Ice Cream - India wishes she could bring some back to her classmates. Sadly, a photo will have to suffice.

Milo (and his dress up pipe) showing that Lonely Planet photogs aren't the only ones with a view of Mostar's bridge.

The Ottoman style old city is largely rebuilt and very picturesque. The former front line is not so very rebuilt, and makes for a different sort of picture.

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karen said...

I'm glad to hear you have gotten into the ice cream and the people watching sidewalk cafes. Two of my favorite Balkan treats. But is no one trying the hazelnut ice cream? I want a full report! It is truly an adult taste I suppose so one of the big monkeys will have to try it. It is ljeĆĄnjak in Croatian, maybe the same where you are.

I like the bridge picture with the triumphant Milo. And India's description of seeing the kittens with their eyes closed is excellent. I am having a good time imagining you all careening down pedestrian streets with Ayun squinting at the map and Milo and India bouncing up and down as the car bumps over the cobblestones. Greg looking calm and alarmed at the same time making no moves at all until with a quick jerk of the head he attempts to assess a new avenue. Ever the imperious father even as he rumbles down back passages in search of a place to apr the car. Or something like that. Well it sounds like the Halliday/Kotis travel bug has taken its first big bite. I'm glad to hear that all are well.

In Chicago we had big feather pillow snow lst week and it still hasn't warmed up yet. Best travel wishes to you all and get that underwear washed regularly! Love Karen