Monday, April 23, 2007

Sarajevo Photos

Never to late to position yourself as a war correspondent. Here's Greg in front of the Holiday Inn where all the foreign journalists stayed during the seige of Sarajevo.

Johnny Dandelion Seed must make sure every gone-to-seed dandelion in Sarajevo is scattered. An essential, but time consuming assignment.

When Greg alludes to the difficulty of parking in these big Balkan cities, he ain't kidding. This man is trying to make a sharp left turn from a private lot onto a broad pedestrian block that is wall to wall with outdoor cafe tables. It made us feel good to know we tourist dingbats aren't the only ones to wind up in insane parking predicaments.

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Christopher said...

I am bemused by the poster on the lampost in the photo of "Johnny Dandelion" that says Sarajevo is the perfect town for that. Do you know what that is all about?