Wednesday, April 25, 2007

an update on the trip by india

The money has pictures of young men on them. not presesedents. kings. kings from certin times in history. the coins can make a dollar, and almost all the coins are silver. they say 'markes' instead of dollars and cents.
no Abe. no native.
there aren't any places like chuckie cheese, but there are many fast food stops.
no sighn of any coconuts.
the bungie jumping was great! there was a boy who actually flipped! i repeat flipped, in the harness in the air!!!
no snakes yet.
many people do speak english. they learn it in high school.
i have no idea about fencing in budapest.
my best descovery is a secret box in the market. i'll bring it in! (as well as the candy you asked for!)


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Anonymous said...

This is Mia!
I love this blog!
I can't believe you are so far away.
You are so lucky to be there.
Your friend Mia
Inky, what an exciting trip you are having. It is so amazing to see it as it is happening. Did you like the gypsies as much as your mum did? It sounded wonderful.
Love to all of you.